Adding a Panel Member


  1. A panel member is added to a particular forum topic by navigating to the forum topic page and licking on the edit button available to the user once logged in.
  2. This will bring up the editing form for the forum topic.
  3. We scroll down to the section for Panel Members.
  4. To add an existing member as a panel member, we may start typing part of the users name in the text field. The site will bring up a list of matching users and we may select one that is appropriate.
  5. If we did not find an account for the person, we will need to create one by clicking the '+ Create User' button next to the text field. Doing this will display another form that we will need to fill with the minimum details for the new user.
  6. The 'Username' is usually the full name of the person. Spaces and apostrophes are accepted. The email address is also a required field.
  7. The password we choose must ideally be strong with a mix of numbers, letters and special characters. The confirmation must match the password we entered.
  8. The 'Status' field must be left active.
  9. A 'Role' of 'forum participant' must be checked.
  10. The user may be notified of the account by checking the option to do so.
  11. Finally we click the 'Create User' button.
  12. We can add an unlimited number of panel members. Additional panel members can be added by clicking the add another item button below the 'Panel Members' section.
Use the edit button to add panel members and change other details on a topic
The editing form for a forum topic
Autocomplete of existing users on the panel members field
Adding another item to the panel members field
The create user form
Save button on the edit topic form