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1 January 2016

There is little of Gareth Evans’ sweeping analysis in the cabinet papers of 1990-91 of a rapidly changing world order or of his vision of good international citizenship.

The Article appeared in The Conversation

22 June 2015

 The Age 22 June 2015

Pope Francis’s encyclical has been getting – plenty of coverage, but relatively little attention to its deeper insights and recommendations.

29 December 2014

The Age, 29 December 2014 

The article focuses our attention on the democratic deficit that has beocme commonplace in many parts of the Western world.

29 September 2014

This article was published by The Conversation on 29 september 2014.

The article may be viewed

19 September 2014

Comment on Richard Falk's essay: 'Changing the Political Climate: A Transitional Imperative', in Great Transition Network, September 2014

14 September 2014
Old and new conflicts have visited immense devastation 
on the peoples of the Middle East. One could be 
forgiven for thinking that the United Nations is fiddling 
while the Middle East is burning.
8 May 2014

The conduct of Australia’s foreign policy under the Rudd and Gillard governments was anything but inspiring. Under Tony Abbott, we have so far been treated to a succession of gaffes bordering on farce.

Appeared in The Conversation

25 November 2013

Every so often over the last 50 years, Australia’s relations with Indonesia have hit stormy waters. The present tensions over the spying scandal may not be the most serious, but they are serious enough.

The piece appeared in The Conversation


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