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7 November 2014

A public forum to consider Australia’s World War I commemoration and whether it pays appropriate respect to those who died believing in a better world.

World War I brought death to approximately 61,000 Australians and shattered the lives of countless others. Globally, a generation was virtually lost.
The legacy of the war continues to this day. A century on, does our commemoration stop short of asking the hard questions such as how such a cataclysmic event could occur, what we learnt from it and whether that responsibility to learn has been lost amid the flag-waving?

15 April 2015

A public forum in Professor Joseph Camilleri, Professor Marilyn Lake and the Hon Ted Bailieu led a Q&A ABC-style convesation on the history and future of Anzac Day.

Th event was moderated by Cr Coral Ross, Mayor of the City of Boroondara.

26 October 2015

Presentation given at the fourth forum organised by the Anzac Centenary Peace Coalition From Military Security to Human Security

22 November 2015



The address highlighted the unprecedented crisis in international relations: breakdown of international humanitarian relations law, the largest wave of displaced peopl