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19 November 1996

Address to LOTE teachers, Veneto Social Club, Melbourne

Organised by Catholic Education Office, Melbourne

26 August 2011

The Iftar dinner was hosted by Darebin City Council in the Darebin Arts and entertainment Centre, Melbourne, 

10 August 2011

Delivered the 2011 ANU Chaplaincy Annual Lecture

24 October 2010

Sunday at Michael's on Collins, Melbourne.

During the Sunday service Dr Macanab spoke with Professor Camilleri.

The discussion can be seen on YouTube here

26 September 2007

Address given at function hosted by the Drebin Interfaith Council, Melbourne

27 September 2016

This is the fourth of a series of four lectures given at St Michael's on Collins, Melbourne

Below is the PowerPoint presentation which inludes links to several websites.

These highlight important initiatives and projects involving resistance to violence and diverse approaches to conflict transformation, including peacebuilding, peacemaking.

5 September 2017

Ours is a time of turbulence, but now on a planetary scale. Many in the western world, Australia included, are anxious about the future, unsure where to turn for guidance or inspiration. Some seek to exploit these anxieties, offering black and white explanations of our predicament. For some, the problem is immigration, for others Islamic fundamentalism, or simply Islam. For others still, it is the conspiracy about global warming, or the forces driving globalisation.