About this website

This website is designed to engage as well as inform and explain.

Visitors can engage with Joseph Camilleri but also among themselves by submitting comments to blogs and other information posted on the website.

You can also contribute ideas, proposals and resources for inclusion in the website. Necessarily a selection will be made to ensure quality, relevance and respectful communication.

Here you will  also find something of Joseph Camilleri’s journey in teaching, research, advocacy and more generally public life, ranging over nearly five decades. This part of the website covers four key areas, each of which comprises several elements.

Under "RESOURCES" visitors have an opoortunity to follow up on a wide range of subjects around the key themes featured in this website. The resources are arranged as follows:

The website is still in its early stages of development, with a good deal more material to be inlcuded in the coming months, as  well as a number of new functions. 

You can find a guide to using this website here.