14 March 2016

Professor Camilleri discussed the Syrian situation on the eve of the resumption of the Geneva Peace talks. He saw the current cessation of hostilities as a promising sign that the the talks, though difficult and at times on the verge of collapse, may nonethless produce at least to a partial agreement in coming months.

Professor Camilleri is a regular commentator on the SKY NEWS  evening program Reporting LIVE with Stan Grant.



30 August 2015

Interview with Doug Beecroft on 3MBS Reflections, 30 August 2015, 11.00−12.00 .

Discussing the issues to be raised in the coming 5 lecture series on Risks and Opportunites: A World in Ferment delivered in September 2015 at St Michael's on Collins, Melbourne.

7 September 2014

Interview by Chip Henriss in Crosslight

Pax Christi, an organisation that has for more than 40 years played a vital role in promoting issues of peace and disarmament, is looking to its future.

Its dedicated members, who have engaged with issues such as the Vietnam War, nuclear disarmament and conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East – are beginning to age.

16 September 2007

Interview published in the New Straits Times

10 October 2005

An interview with K. C. Boey, published in Focus, New Sunday Times, 10 October, 2004.

22 December 2002

Interviewed  by Li Nian, Correspondent of International Politics for Wen Hui Daily, 22 December 2003, p. 3. 

24 September 2001

Joseph Camilleri was interviewed by K. C. Boey  for this report which appeared in New Sunday Times, Malaysia, 24 September 2001.


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