Alexandria Agenda

12 October 2015

Melbourne, Australia

Ethical consulting for the Global Age

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Alexandria Agenda, a new venture in ethical consulting for the global age, was launched on 20 November 2014 at Melbourne’s Celtic Club by prominent Melburnian Elizabeth Proust.

Alexandria Agenda’s Managing Director Emeritus Professor Joseph Camilleri said “the consultancy’s objective is to provide a new approach to governance and stakeholder relationships for governments, NGOs, businesses, universities, international organisations and community groups.”
Ms Proust said “Alexandria Agenda is strongly placed to assist a wide range of organisations to work through policy dilemmas, stakeholder relationships and governance issues.”
Alexandria Agenda assists businesses, governments, universities, NGOs and international organisations to handle complex relationships involving stakeholders with diverse interests and backgrounds. It does this by providing expert advice, culturally competent training, dialogue facilitation, and rigorous evaluation.

More about Joseph Camilleri

Professor Camilleri is a distinguished international relations, governance and dialogue specialist. He has written 25 widely acclaimed books and more than 100 book chapters and journal articles.

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