Globalisation: The Perspectives and Experiences of the Religious Traditions of Asia Pacific

Joseph A. Camilleri and Chandra Muzaffar (eds), Globalization: The Perspectives and Experiences of the Religious Traditions of Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur: JUST, 1998, 214 pp.

Globalisation is the buzz word of our time. Its impact is profound. As capital and labour, technology and skills, ideas and values cross boundaries, societies everywhere are undergoing rapid changes, some of which have far reaching implications. Countries in the Asia Pacific region in particular are right at the heart of this globalisation process.

While there have been numerous meetings on the economic, developmental and technological dimensions of globalisation in recent years, the July 1997 conference organised by the International Movement for a Just World with the co-operation of the International Christian Peace Movement was one of those rare occasions which attempted to examine the impact of globalisation upon religious traditions and cultural communities. In fact, this was the first time that scholars and activists from all the major religions and cultures in Asia Pacific had come together to reflect upon this important issue.

This book contains all the papers presented at the conference as well as a brief summary of the lively discussion that took place in the workshops. Our hope is that it will stimulate further reflection, and contribute to the growing solidarity and dialogue between the diverse civilisational influences that make up the dynamic and unique region of the world that is Asia Pacific.


1.      The Challenge of Globalisation    1

Anwar Ibrahim

2.      Globalisation and the New Internationalism     5

J. A. Camilleri

Religious and Ethical Perspectives on Globalisation

3.      The Confucian Worldview        19

Tan Chee-Beng

4.      A Hindu Perspective      31

Gedong Bagoes Oka

5.      Implications for Christianity      41

Tim Costello

6.      Islamic Society and the Challenge of Globalisation      51

Taufik Abdullah

7.      Can Corporations Become Enlightened? Buddhist Reflections on TNCs  63

David Loy

8.      An Indigenous Religious/Cultural Perspective  75

Manuka Henare

The Experiences of Religious and Cultural Communities

9.      Globalisation Seen from a Buddhist Perspective          91

Pracha Hutanuwatr

10.    Christian Reflections on the Philippine Experience       105

Julio Xavier Labayen

11.    The Aboriginal Experience        121

Mary Graham

12.    Spiritualising Real Estate, Commoditising Pilgrimage: The Muslim Minority in Thailand        135

Chaiwat Satha-Anand

13.    The Case of the Middling Grassroots in Korea 147

Sangjin Han

14.    The Experiences of the Hindu Community in Malaysia            161

J. Jegathesan

15.    Globalisation and Religion: Some Reflections  179

Chandra Muzaffar

About the Authors       191

Appendix I:  Report on Plenary and Workshop Discussions     194

Appendix II:  The Celebration of Civiklisations - A Call to Action      210

Text of the Declaration adopted by the Regional Conference, held on 4-6 July 1997 in Shah Alam, Malaysia, organised by the International Movement for a Just World in co-operation with the International Christian Peace Movement (PAX CHRISTI), Australia.