Regional Human Rights Dialogue in Asia Pacific: Prospects and Proposals

Joseph A. Camilleri, ‘Regional Human Rights Dialogue in Asia Pacific: Prospects and Proposals’, Pacifica Review: Peace, Security and Global Change, Vol. 10, No. 3, October 1998, pp. 167-186.

This article attempts to shed light on the rapidly evolving human rights debate within Asia
Pacific, particularly in the context of the 'Asian' vs 'Western' values controversy and the
tensions between regional and multilateral diplomacy. The analysis is developed under four
• the views and attitudes of Asian scholars and policy-makers attracted to the notion of a
distinctive Asian culture or 'Asian way';
• the conceptual and practical shortcomings of the ensuing debate;
• the principles that might guide a more constructive regional human rights dialogue;
• proposals for governmental and non-governmental initiatives designed to overcome
present difficulties, and help institutionalise more effective linkages and avenues for
regional dialogue.