Third International Conference on the Muslim World and the West: Bridging the Gap

9 June 2008 to 10 June 2008

Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia in co-operation with the cordoba Initative

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An international action-oriented conference

with participants drawn from

government, civil society, business, media and religion.





The Conference had two principal objectives:

  • Arrive at an operational definition of the gap, and identify a list of general problem areas and issues driving the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims. such a definition was aimed at shaping future projects and measuring progress in bridging the gap;
  • Identify and propose specific strategies and projects that would help solve one or more of the above problem areas and issues.

The Conference focused on four key areas:

  • Improving Muslim-West Engagement
  • Understanding Islam in Contemporary Global Contexts
  • Improving Traditional and non-Traditional Public Diplomacy Programs, and
  • Preventing Emerging Muslim-West Crises