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25 March 1974

Atlantic Relations

Dr Kissinger’s current talks in Moscow are taking place against a background of growing strains in Soviet-American relations, and a noticeable slowing down in the movement towards détente. Because of pro-Jewish pressure in the American Congress, America has not honoured its promise to give the Soviet Union most-favoured nation treatment, and has suspended several proposed loans.

17 June 1973

China – US – USSR Triangle

The recent summit meeting between the Soviet and American leaders has confirmed the trend towards close relations between the two countries. It would seem that this kind of political summitry is to become a regular feature of the international calendar.

23 November 1987

US Bases in the Philippines

29 May 2013

Will the ethics of war become collateral damage as America's use of drone technology takes off? writes Joseph Camilleri.

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29 September 2014

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25 October 2016

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