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27 March 2008 to 28 March 2008

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Restoring the Silk-Road: Perceptions, Perspectives and Policies


For centuries a route some 8000 kilometres-long, known as the Silk Road, connected Europe and China by crossing the Middle East and Central Asia.

1 November 2003

This article by K. C. Boey (Sunday Times, Malaysia, 1 November 2003) reports on the book launch of Camilleri's book Regionalism in the New Asia-Pacific Order: the Political Economy of the Asia-Pacific Region, Volume 2. The book was lunched by Prof Desmond Ball (Australian National University).

6 December 2007 to 7 December 2007

The Conference, convened by Joseph Camilleri, was a sequel to a number of other workshops and symposia that have been organised in collaboration with other institutions in Europe and Asia. They formed part of a larger research programme Europe and Asia between Islam and the United States: The Politics of Transition.

This Conference focused on the interaction of three key dualities: