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7 February 1980

Joseph Camilleri, 'Brinkmanship comes back', The Age, 7 February 1980, p. 11.

22 June 1987

Joseph Camilleri, 'Parties abandon quest for peace', The Herald, 22 June 1987, p. 8

7 August 1987

Luke Slattery, ' Peace marchers change their pace', The Age, 7 August, 1987, p. 11.

Glasnost and serious talk of disarmament are in the air. President Reagan has a peace plan for Nicaragua. Has the Hiroshima Day comes round again, what does that mean for the peace movement?

5 May 1992

Joseph A. Camilleri, 'A new era for regional peace', The Age, 5 May 1992, p. 13.

14 September 2014
Old and new conflicts have visited immense devastation 
on the peoples of the Middle East. One could be 
forgiven for thinking that the United Nations is fiddling 
while the Middle East is burning.
19 September 2014

Comment on Richard Falk's essay: 'Changing the Political Climate: A Transitional Imperative', in Great Transition Network, September 2014

29 September 2014

This article was published by The Conversation on 29 september 2014.

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29 December 2014

The Age, 29 December 2014 

The article focuses our attention on the democratic deficit that has beocme commonplace in many parts of the Western world.

22 June 2015

 The Age 22 June 2015

Pope Francis’s encyclical has been getting – plenty of coverage, but relatively little attention to its deeper insights and recommendations.