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15 November 1975

J, Camilleri, 'Uranium', Catholic Worker, November 1975, pp. 13-14.

15 February 1975

J. A. Camilleri, 'Inside Mao's China', Catholic Worker, February 1975, 9-11.

20 May 1974

India’s Nuclear Test

 By exploding its first nuclear device, India has become the first non-aligned nation to join the nuclear club. As might be expected, the Indian Government is claiming that the explosion of the device, said to be in the 10-15 kiloton range, was a purely scientific experiment concerned with the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

25 March 1974

Joseph Camilleri, ' PM is dodging American bases issue', The Herald, 25 March 1974

25 March 1974

Atlantic Relations

Dr Kissinger’s current talks in Moscow are taking place against a background of growing strains in Soviet-American relations, and a noticeable slowing down in the movement towards détente. Because of pro-Jewish pressure in the American Congress, America has not honoured its promise to give the Soviet Union most-favoured nation treatment, and has suspended several proposed loans.

17 January 1974

Suharto Military Regime

The violent riots which have hit the streets of Jakarta in the last two days and which have involved tens of thousands of demonstrators have obviously given vent to feelings of massive discontent. It is true that in the first instance the main objects of student anger were Japanese business interests which have achieved a stranglehold over several key areas of the Indonesian economy.

5 December 1973

Middle East Oil Crisis 1973

The use of oil by the Arab states as a diplomatic weapon against Israel has highlighted rather dramatically the energy crisis which now confronts most of the industrialized countries of the Western world. The crisis was brought to a head by the decision of the Arab oil exporters on October 17 to reduce their production of crude oil by 5% every month until Arab territories occupied by Israel since 1967 had been freed.

31 October 1973

Vietnam War

For some weeks now, all the headlines of the world’s press have been concentrating, quite properly, on the Middle East war, the emerging oil crisis and the continuing saga of political corruption and deceit within the United States. We have had, therefore, little or no opportunity to be reminded of the forgotten but unrelenting war in Indochina. 

15 October 1973

Joseph Camilleri, 'Australia's Foreign Policy: Change or Same Again', Catholic Worker, October-November 1973, pp. 10-12.

1 October 1973

Australia and SEATO

Senator Willessee, Australia’s special Minister of State, has just attended the eighteenth Annual Council meeting of the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO), established in 1955 and originally including eight member countries: the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, the US, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. The military pact.


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