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20 June 1973

Indochina War 

Contrary to popular belief, the Vietnam war has not ended. Indeed, ever since the beginning of negotiations back in 1968 between the United States and North Vietnam, the war has constantly escalated in so far as it has gradually engulfed Laos and Cambodia as well as the two Vietnams, and involved ever more destructive American fire power.

17 June 1973

China – US – USSR Triangle

The recent summit meeting between the Soviet and American leaders has confirmed the trend towards close relations between the two countries. It would seem that this kind of political summitry is to become a regular feature of the international calendar.

31 May 1973

J. Camilleri, 'Freeing New Guinea', Scope, 31 May 1973.

15 March 1973

J. A. Camilleri, 'New Deal for Aborigenes', Catholic Worker, March 1973, pp. 7-8.


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