27 February 2003

Joseph A. Camilleri and Jim Falk, 'Brinkmanship must give way to dialogue', Australian Financial Review, 27 February 2002.

1 November 2003

This article by K. C. Boey (Sunday Times, Malaysia, 1 November 2003) reports on the book launch of Camilleri's book Regionalism in the New Asia-Pacific Order: the Political Economy of the Asia-Pacific Region, Volume 2. The book was lunched by Prof Desmond Ball (Australian National University).

23 January 2001 to 27 February 2001

A 6-week course offered by the School of Sociology, Politics and Anthropology at La Trobe University.

This was the sevent in a series of courses focusing on the politics, economy, culture and foreign policies of Asian coutnries, with particular emphasis on India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Other teaching staff included: Prof Robin Jeffrey, Prof John Fitzgerald, Prof David G. Marr, Dr Herb Feith and Dr Meg Gurry.

12 August 2009 to 16 August 2009

The Malaysia-Australia Dialogue on Asian Futures was held in Penang on 12-16 August 2009. Attending scholars scrutinised the economic, social, environmental and security challenges for the Asia Pacific. This initiative was seen as contributing positively to the future development of the region.

The following excerpts are taken from the joint statement which resulted from the dialogue session:

6 December 2007 to 7 December 2007

The Conference, convened by Joseph Camilleri, was a sequel to a number of other workshops and symposia that have been organised in collaboration with other institutions in Europe and Asia. They formed part of a larger research programme Europe and Asia between Islam and the United States: The Politics of Transition.

This Conference focused on the interaction of three key dualities:

3 May 1992

'Cause for optimism in Asia-Pacific Area', The Canberra Times, 3 May 1992, pp. 8-9.

15 February 1975

J. A. Camilleri, 'Inside Mao's China', Catholic Worker, February 1975, 9-11.

5 May 1992

Joseph A. Camilleri, 'A new era for regional peace', The Age, 5 May 1992, p. 13.

23 October 2003

The book was launched by Prof Desmond Ball (Australian National University) on 23 October 2003. The book launch was hosted by Asialink and Reader's Feast Bookstore.

Details of the book can be viewed here


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